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At 'Market Royale', we get excited about towels. Soft, quality, cotton, organic cotton and our speciality: environmentally friendly bamboo towels.

Many people are unaware of Bamboo's amazing qualities, which make it the perfect choice for use in towels, bathmats, bathrobes, clothes and many other household items. It grows without the need for pesticides and large volumes of water unlike cotton (even Organic cotton) and is naturally anti-bacterial, anti fungal and anti static, whilst also being softer and 3 times more absorbent than cotton towels.

Add to that it is softer, greener, natural and renewable and you have the product of the future. Now you begin to see why we are so excited. Our aim however whilst we continue to enlighten the world regarding Bamboo is to allow our customers to make an informed choice with superior towels in our other ranges also.

The only choice you will not have to make is about Quality, Service and Value for money, because we always aim to give you the Best Quality, the Best Service and the Best Value.

Your comments and thoughts are very important to us in order that we continue to maintain our excellent levels of customer service and provide our customers with the products you want. If you have any comments you would like to make please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for doing your bit to help our environment.